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Building Champions Football Academy provides our players with the venue to further their football interests and ultimately their goals on and off the football field. 

We are dedicated to the development of each and every athlete. Building Champions Football Academy represents the opportunity to grow your skills in every fascist of the game. It brings the best instruction and leadership to allow each player to be successful not only on the field, but in life. Through our positive learning environment, competitiveness, and team atmosphere, we are an unrivaled program for players to become the best version of themselves.





Our coaching staff offers lessons for every position offensively and defensively for all ages and levels of play from private, semi-private, to group.

Camps &


Join one of our many camps and clinics to improve your game in a fun, fundamental, competitive, and instructive way.



Join our indoor leagues to continue your success and passion for the game.


Core Values

Servant Leadership

Building Champions creates leaders who strive to serve others embodying the philosophy of placing the team before the individual. Servant being the key word in this all. We want our players to have a people first mentality.


Building Champions challenges players to pursue a life of excellence in all aspects of the game and life knowing that we all will fall short but striving to give 100% effort in all we do. Being excellent in the two things we can always control, attitude and effort.


We teach our players to respect everyone on and off the field. Respect your parents, teammates, umpires, coaches, fans and yourself. This game transcends more than just sports but affects all aspects of life.


Building Champions is a culture steeped in the tradition of past players and coaches all working towards the common goal of achieving their highest football potential on the field and being a man for others off the field. We love the alumni base that we have that are always give back to the next generation creating tradition for each year being better than the last.


players are dedicated to their craft and the work that it takes daily to create a sustainable foundation for success. Being dedicated to training and to the team is the building blocks for anything you want to success in.

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Become a member of the BC Family

If you are interested in advancing your player development in a structured program with high level instruction, you’ve come to the right place. We are always open to players and teams that want to be apart of the BC tradition.


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Tate Raboin

Director of Football / Head Football Coach

Tate Raboin

Director of Football / Head Football Coach

Tate played for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School before playing his college career at University Central Missouri. After graduating, Tate became the Quarterbacks Coach at Saint Thomas Aquinas. He has also established “TR QB Academy” where he continues to train Quarterbacks to become better competitors, leaders, and the best version of themselves.

Our Members


My son started QB Training with Coach Tate earlier this summer. Coach Tate has been AWESOME. My son loves going to training with him. He is clear in his instruction and expectations each session. He started with the fundamentals and then to introduced other skills and techniques. My son’s technique and footwork have gotten better, and his confidence has grown as well. Coach Tate has even worked on a few drills and techniques that were specific to my sons in-season playbook. Not just the throwing, but the pitch/toss plays as well. Homefield has been a blessing with having sessions indoors. The fields are big enough where he can make all the throws and move as needed to get the full outdoor training experience while being indoors. The location is great for those of us that live in western Johnson County.
Lawrence M. Oquendo, P.E.


Our 8th grader started working with Tate this past Summer. I’m not sure where to start but let me just say Tate is 100% meant to be mentoring and coaching. Zach’s footwork, throwing form, and confidence improved almost immediately. Tate not only knows what he’s doing when it comes to skill, but I believe he truly gets to know his players individually, and works with them accordingly. Our son thoroughly enjoyed working with Tate and, as parents, he was a joy to work with. Any young football player/QB will benefit greatly from his BC football program. Our son has also been a part of the BC baseball program for 6 years now. Any program that Homefield and BC put together is worth every penny. With Tate leading the football program this is no exception.
Whitney Johnson


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football faq

How much do you charge for lessons?

The options for private lessons for all positions are as follows:

  • Private (1on1): $50, 30 minutes
  • Semi Private (2-4 Players): $85, 1hr
  • Group (5-15 Players): $65, 1hr

What location do you do lessons?

Homefield Olathe Training Center and Outdoors at Kansas City Kansas Showcase Center

How do I get signed up for lessons?

The easiest way would be to contact Tate directly through email ( The second way would be to register for a Homefield Sports Engine account and find a time slot.

Does Building Champions Football have football teams for Fall and Spring?

Fall: Both Tackle (3rd-8th Grade) and Flag (1st-8th Grade) football teams
Spring: Travel 7on7 Teams and Flag football teams

Where can I keep updated for future camps, clinics, and tryouts?

Make sure to follow instagram: @bc_footballacademy, twitter: @BCfootballHF, Facebook: @Building Champions Football Academy

What equipment do I need to bring for my private lessons?

Just cleats and water